New Year, New Decade, New Book

By the first of the new year, I was swimming a mile a few times a week and on the 3rd, returned to one of three golf clinics I attend at Hibiscus Golf Club (thanks very much, Mike Smuniewski).
And….. a few days ago, I printed out the first draft of BETWEEN LUMBY AND GOD. Okay, I admit to only holding the manuscript for the pic, but all 356 pages are there for the taking. And my editors are on board and patiently awaiting its completion.
So, the mountains of 2019 have been climbed and are now behind me. Looking forward, all in all I’m certain to the core that 2020 will be more extraordinary than I could possibly imagine.

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  1. Molly

    I’ve just discovered delightful Lumby, and have spent the past week happily reading. I was just Googling to see what was next (I’m about to start Lost In Lumby) when I found your last few posts.

    Add me to the list of readers who will be patiently waiting for your next dispatch from our favorite small town. I’ve had the air knocked out of my life a few times, too. I’m glad that you’re finding your way back.

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