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The Lumby Series
Gail Fraser

Questions asked by my readers:

Zodiac Sign? Scorpio
What relaxes you? Long distance swimming, playing the flute
Comfort food? Mac and cheese, warm cake a la mode
Favorite authors? DH Lawrence, Sue Monk Kidd, Ayn Rand, John Steinbeck, Paulo Coelho, JD Salinger
Favorite musicians? Bach, anything coffee-house acoustic, most anything from the 70s
Favorite movies? Any Tom Hanks movie...Wilson!!!
TV? Any PBS-BBC series and BBC news
What would surprise people? I'm a science and math nerd
The superpower you would like? Invisibility
No way! I've never used an ATM
After death? There's something else
Faith? Always
Your life in 5 words? It's been an amazing journey
Your definition of bliss? Being with Art in Bali
Best qualities? Deeply loyal, very honest, a quick study
No-so best qualities? Impatience, very private
Core values in life? Responsibility, productivity, curiosity, love

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About Gail Fraser:

Gail and Art

Gail is the author of The Lumby series, which includes The Lumby Lines, Stealing Lumby, Lumby's Bounty, The Promise of Lumby, Lumby on the Air, (all originally published by Penguin Random House), and Lost in Lumby. Additionally, she and her late husband, artist Art Poulin, collaboratively wrote and illustrated Finding Happiness in Simplicity, hardcover Globe Pequot Press.

Gail was born and raised in Rye, New York. She studied at the University of London before returning to Skidmore College where she earned her BA in English Education. She completed her MBA at the University of Connecticut, with graduate work done at Harvard University. Prior to changing her life and becoming a novelist, Gail had a successful career in 'corporate America' holding senior executive and upper management positions in several Fortune 500 and start-up corporations, while working and living extensively throughout the world.

After being married for twenty years, her husband, folk artist Art Poulin, unexpectedly passed away in 2018. During the transition that followed, Gail continued her own graphic design work and launched the AMPoulin brand which, through remastering, further extends Art's legacy. Most recently, Gail completed book 7 of the Lumby series, Between Lumby and God, and has begun working on Book 8. Gail continues her passions of long-distance swimming, golf, and is an active member in Mensa. In her off-hours, she manages her company, Lazygoose USA, and its foundation that canopies the collective artistic assets she and Art created over the years. Additionally, Gail is in the process of launching a non-profit art-based company, Find Me Art.

Oh what a Bird
After golf