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My Take on Life:
i am hank... an eagle. not just an eagle, but an intelligent, noble, bald eagle. i am not a pink fla... fla.. fla... (the fla-word), but i am an eagle. some say i am in denial while others attribute my chameleonish personality to that of an identity crisis. no crisis here - i am an awesome bird of prey. the fact that i thought i was an egret last month only serves to demonstrate my eagle-like flexibility.

and it is here, on this page, that i am free to tell my story: "the story of hank" that needs to be told since the author was not totally forthcoming with all of my life's details. i did, in truth, come to lumby by way of amazon, but for many years before that, there was alaska - the mountains (although i must admit i suffer from acrophobia so my perspective was generally limited to that just above the tree line) and the salmon (here, too, i might have had some issues - the only sushi i appreciate is tuna on a nice clump of rice with ample wasabi to disguise the taste). but alaska is a story that needs to be told by me... as i am an alaskan eagle.

and then, there is my life in lumby, which requires more time than i have right now. but these stories will come in their own time - they will unfold as gracefully as my wings when i take flight in search of prey... and the record will be set straight.

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