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Between Lumby and God
Phase:Detailed Outline
For tracking the progress of Between Lumby and God, we just installed MyBookProgress at the top of the menu bar.  The steps you’ll see: Structure (which, for me, includes a high-level outline), Outline, First Draft, Second Draft, Line Edit, Copyedit and Proofing.  But along the way, I’ll also include some notes about the various plots I’m constructing and what characters you can expect to see in book #7.  Send me a note and let me know what you think! My current target for release is Feb 2018 which really seems right around the corner (time is passing way too fast).  Oh, and if you’d prefer to have a feed of my blog posts, there’s an RSS button at the bottom of the menu.  This should be fun, so stay tuned, stay in touch  and see you on Main Street!


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