Where I Stand

This morning, I received an intersting message from a reader and new FB friend who is angry about the state of our nation, and she’s not sure if I would appreciate some of her comments. Two similar emails were in my inbox yesterday. So I wanted to share my response to her, so there is no ambiguity on where I stand:

“I agree that there’s a lot of anger, fear and angst in our country these days, from both sides and from all directions. But if you’re seeking a platform to rise up and voice scathing opposition against one party or another, against one religion or another, against one race or another, my FB page is not your best choice. I think we’re too gentle an audience to relish in angry rhetoric. Knowing many of my FB friends personally, I feel comfortable in saying that we are all trying to take a deep breath, trying to undertand the extreme diversity of opinion, seeking ways to help and not hurt. Personally, I believe our country will get through whatever challenges await us, and we’ll be stronger for the experience. We will survive, hope will survive, and the self-correcting pendulum will continue to swing as it has for two-hundred years. I don’t escape into Lumby, but instead use it as my own platform to shout out everything that’s good about each of us, our communities, our tolerances, and our respective faiths. And I repeadedly turn to my fan base to prove again and again how much good there is out there. Hope that makes sense.”


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