Lost in Lumby Synopsis

 Staying true to the waggish nature of the series, the captivating town of Lumby once again serves as the backdrop of four skillfully braided stories that follow its residents through life’s unexpected turns and engaging journeys. Lost in Lumby turns a humorous but insightful lens on the value of truth—within families and within a community. After Pam Walker steps off the mayoral campaign trail to return to her childhood home, she discovers a tattered birth certificate of a disowned child that leads her to question the value of honesty between loved ones and the definition of “family.” Following the trail to a sibling she never knew, a quirky guise lures an unsuspecting sister to Montis Inn where new relationships are tested, and a husband becomes dangerously lost in Lumby. Pam also learns what happens when post-truth politics plow down Main Street, proving that words are only as worthy as those who speak them. Her close friend Caroline Ross finds the courage to live again after an emotionally brutal end to her marriage, while publisher Dennis Beezer faces an unwanted transformation of his newspaper, The Lumby Lines. And at Saint Cross Abbey, the monks’ religious doctrine is challenged when they are called upon to protect the brother of a corrupt politician who threatens Lumby in the name of progress and for a shameless profit. Given the restless times in which we live, Lost in Lumby is a much-needed counterbalance and humorous reprieve for readers of all ages.

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